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Mitch Marner: We're grown men

Marner reacts to Sheldon Keefe's comments.

Leafs Feed

Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Sheldon Keefe had some brutal comments for his top players after their recent loss at home to the lowly Arizona Coyotes, calling them out for not showing up enough over the course of the night. 

“The difference between us and Arizona is that we have elite players," Keefe said. "And our elite players didn’t play like elite players.”

However, Keefe would walk back his comments, saying that he used the wrong words in his message to the team.

And according to top forward Mitch Marner, who is included among Toronto's top players that Keefe called out, there wasn't any issue, considering the fact that they're not adolescents still without their first taste of professional hockey. 

"I talked to him today," Marner said of Keefe. "He explained what he meant to say, how it came out, and everything like that. I will leave it at that. Like I said, we have closed doors here for a reason. We have talks without you guys for a reason." 

"We had that talk today. We understand. We are grown men."

Marner then reiterated that there wasn't an issue with Keefe's comments in the dressing room. 

"Not at all," he said. "He called us in. We had a talk. It was all good. That is part of this game — talking to one another and explaining what you meant. I don’t think anyone was hurt by the comments or anything like that."

The Maple Leafs take on the Dallas Stars tonight at Scotiabank Arena.