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Mitch Marner emotional message after Muzzin injury

Teammates stick up for each other.

Leafs Feed

The Toronto Maple Leafs lost more than just the game to the lowly Arizona Coyotes last night at Scotiabank Arena. They also lost defenseman Jake Muzzin to a neck injury; he did not return to action.

It's just the latest injury woe for Muzzin, who missed a portion of last season after being concussed. And if these comments from forward and good friend Mitchell Marner are any indication, it sounds as though his neck injury could be of the serious variety. 

Marner was clearly emotional over the sake of his friend's well being, and had this to say: 

"That's probably my best friend on the team. It's outside of hockey," Marner said. "It's way bigger. He's got two unbelievable daughters, unbelievable wife, and your just wish the best for him. You have so much to live for in this life with your family and stuff like that, so so hopefully everything is okay with him. And we're very blessed to have unbelievable medical staff here that takes care of their players very well and knows what to do. So, I'll try to check in with him here soon. Obviously, he's one of my best friends. Brothers really. So, hopefully he's okay." 

The Leafs are right back in action tomorrow night at home against the Dallas Stars; so far, there's been no indication as to Muzzin's status.