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Auston Matthews comments on the crosscheck from Jamie Benn.

Matthews responds.

Jonathan Larrivee

There was some concern around the health and status of Toronto Maple Leafs superstar forward Auston Matthews this week after he was seen suffering the ill effects of a crosscheck to the back, courtesy of Dallas Stars captain Jamie Benn.

Matthews not only showed signs of pain as a result of the crosscheck during the game itself, but also took an extra days rest this week which was one of the sources of that aforementioned concern. For those of you who didn't see the incident in question, here's a short replay:

Thankfully for fans of the Maple Leafs, there was good news during the Maple Leafs' morning skate on Saturday when Matthews was seen skating on the ice alongside many of his fellow teammates. The star forward also spoke to the media and confirmed that he would be ready to go for tonight's game against the Winnipeg Jets, adding that the extra day of rest and recovery proved to be helpful.

"I feel good. It was nice to get that day yesterday and rest, recover," said Matthews on Saturday. "Got a good skate in this morning and ready for tonight."

Matthews would also confirm that he did have lingering pain in his back after taking the crosscheck, but added that it only lasted for roughly 24 hours after the initial blow. It appears he is no longer suffering any ill effect from the Benn crosscheck coming into tonight's game.

"The crosscheck stung a little bit," said Matthews. "Just one of those things. Nothing serious, stung for about 24 hours, but feels fine now."